Arthur and Alicia featured in Kasih Bunda France Newsletter

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KBF held its traditional Christmas children Sunday, December 14 in the multipurpose room of the Buisse.

The whole family of adoption KBF was the rendezvous, some from far away and others asleep after the crazy Saturday night rock party.

This year all children adopted since 2010 were present. We had the joy of meeting for the first time little Arthur adopted by Clara and Michael in October and Alicia also adopted in July by Anne-Christine and Peter. Children are always so eager to meet; is that the “KBF Christmas” has become an important date for them. Especially as Santa Claus in person had agreed to make a detour to La Buisse despite his busy schedule employment, and had thought to bring a small gift for each of the children present for all had been good .

After saying goodbye to Santa Claus and made a picture with him, we shared an excellent buffet with dishes prepared by everyone

The major took the opportunity to discuss and make new ones. This meal is as usual a good moment of conviviality where everyone mixes: the “old”, the adoptive parents, applicants who are expecting a kinship or those new to the association for the first time.

This year we had more fortunate to have with us Ratna, our correspondent in Sri Lanka and Hristina, our correspondent in Bulgaria. This Christmas the children find a little more each year its former beauty and we are very proud to see the tribe enlarge and see new links be forged within the association. Adoption is the lifeblood of our association and hope it will continue to grow year pro- chain with the arrival of our first pieces of Bulgarian sprouts.

In the afternoon, we organized an introduction to circus for chil- dren. They could try to Jonson setting, walking on a wire or a huge Boulle, playing with soap bubbles electric machine (we stop more progress!) Or request a custom balloon sculpture. Some parents are also tested at the unicycle or the US roll. Fortunately no arm was broken but it is almost …

The day ended in the late afternoon. We were all glad to have reviewed and to see our children grow up peacefully. We said goodbye and see you in July for the picnic.