Special Education Units & vocational training centre  -Warakagoda

The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Ariyawansa Weerakkody Memorial Resource and Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, Warakagoda, is located within the Madurawala divisional secretariat area.

The Warakagoda centre from its inception in 2002 has been carrying out programmes to empower children with special needs in the areas of health, education, economy and society. Since the Community-Based Rehabilitation programme is also active within the Madurawala divisional area, Suwasetha has been able to make a considerable contribution to improve the lives of children and persons with special needs. In addition, the centre conducts an income generating project for the disabled and their families along with the special education unit for the children with special needs. Both these initiatives have helped to affirm the rights of persons and children with special needs.

Special Education Centre for Children with Special Needs, Thalpawila

The Thalpawila North Divisional area serves a population of 120,000 and the registered number of disabled persons is 723.

The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Ananda Grero Memorial Special Education Unit has in the course of its existence guided a total of 180 children with special needs to improve their quality of life. In the year 2016, 14 children with special needs were on roll . The centre being the only activity based rehabilitation centre within the Thalpawila North divisional secretariat area, it promotes skill development of children with special needs through rehabilitation programmes in health, education and social development preparing them for integration and a meaningful life. Suwasetha collaborates with government and non government stakeholders, maintaining an active rapport with them to ensure their support for the welfare of the children with special needs under its care.