Suwasetha 2013 Annual Report

Hony. President, Karuna Speldewinde’s Message

The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society provides care, protection, rehabilitation, counseling, and vocational training to marginalized children, women and disabled persons at Centres run by the society and through its Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes conducted at the village level. It has continued to provide such services for the last 28 years.

In this era where moral standards and values of the society are diminishing very fast, more and more persons are becoming vulnerable and victimized. Child abuse and violence against women are increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, the society needs more institutions like the Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society to take care of them and provide welfare facilities.

However, the irony of it is that there is a dearth of donors who earlier made valuable contributions towards the running of these institutions. The reasons for this decrease are due to economic recession and the new concept of which encourages the providing of care to the needy in their own homes by their own families and not by institutions.

Therefore, it has become a difficult task for care providing institutions to provide services while maintaining internationally accepted standards and regulating measures imposed by the State.

Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society appreciates the donations received in cash and kind from individual donors and institutions through their social responsibility programmes.

I am glad that the Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society has been able to win the trust and the confidence of all concerned Institutions of the Central Government and Provincial Councils related to Social Services, Probation, Child Development and Women’s Development. His Excellency the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Hon’ble Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visit to the Nutrition Centre of the Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society is ample proof of this status.

The guidance provided by Dr. A.T.Ariyaratne, Founder of the Sarvodaya Movement and the Executive Council of Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society, constant attention of Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, untiring efforts of Mrs. Neetha Ariyaratne and dedication of the entire staff of Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Organization contributed immensely towards the quality and standard of the services of all its institutions and programmes. I thank them all.

Karuna Speldewinde,
Hony. President,
Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society Ltd.

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