Sarvodaya Suwasetha Annual Report for 2016

“It is a great honour and a cause for jubilation for any volunteer organisation to offer the society continuous
quality services for a period of 31 years. With unabated commitment, Suwasetha Sewa Society services keeps
providing protection and care for the welfare of abandoned orphans, helpless feeble elders, Young girl
children who are victims of rape and abuse, and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities at community level.The
ideal environment for nurturing a child is within his/her family with parental love, protection and care. Although
it is a right of a child some children are robbed of such an environment due to poverty and other social

There has been a gradual increase in the numbers referred to institutions such as Suwasetha by the department
of probation and child care. Suwasetha Sewa Society works with the goal of maintaining good health and
nutrition levels of their charges while providing them equal opportunities to education and integrating them
into society as useful citizens .

Suwasetha has won the trust and faith of the ministries and departments of probation and child care and social
servicesof both central and provincial governments since the quality service offered by Suwasetha meets the
standards set by these authorities. The quality of the services offered compare well with the standards expected
in the National Agenda for the protection of Child rights of 2015.”

Mrs Karuna Speldewinde,
Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society Ltd.

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