Sarvodaya Rehabilitation Programme for Street Children and Women – Borella is the first programme in the world for children living on the streets. It is funded by Hope for Children Organization of the United Kingdom and its projects and programmes are implemented under the careful supervision of Department of Probation and Child Care Services.

Through this programme a number of activities have been conducted for the benefit of children and their families belonging to low income groups residing in shanties, lanes and along pavements. In order to help them rise on their own and be partners in the development chain, many projects have been launched. Additionally, assistance is given to these children and their families living on the streets directly and indirectly to overcome various injustices they face in society.

The success of this programme is evidenced by the fact that it has produced a graduate teacher from among these communities up to now. Additionally many families have been able to leave behind their unpleasant pasts on the streets and begin to live their lives with dignity in society.

The following services are provided through this programme.

  • Daycare center, preschool and tuition classes to children along with mid-day meal
  • Vocational training in welding and electrical work for boys of 14-18 years of age
  • Literacy skill development for children
  • Art, English, Dancing and Music lessons for children
  • Women directed towards suitable vocational training and employment
  • Assistance given for self employment

Contact Details:

  • Address: No. 281/5, N.M. Perera Mawatha, Borella
  • Telephone: 011-2644674