The concept of childcare will be pursued through a holistic approach to include the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of the children.

In keeping with the upgraded facilities, it is envisaged to further upgrade the management of the homes through training programs covering all aspects of childcare such as nutrition, healthcare, hygiene, safety and security, counselling, academic and vocational education, extracurricular and recreational activities.

Greater focus on the psychosocial needs of the children will be ensured in order to provide the extra emotional support and love they require due to absence of family life.

Specific interests of children will also be given recognition and more opportunities provided to develop innate talents in the Arts.

Greater attention will also be paid to developing vocational skills of interested children to ensure gainful employment and livelihoods in the future.

Regular maintenance needs of facilities as well as management efficiency will be monitored carefully in order to maintain consistently high standards of service.