Under the care of trained instructors in Early Childhood Development and direct supervision of the Department of Probation and Child Care Services, there are 6 preschools run by Sarvodaya Suwasetha as listed out below. Through these preschools, based on Sarvodaya philosophy, children receive a good foundation for a wholesome way of life as grownup citizens.

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  • Suwasetha Ladaru Uyana, Rawatawatte
  • Suwasetha Jamini Preschool, Akuressa
  • Suwasetha Daycare Center, Akuressa
  • Suwasetha Daycare Center, Kalutara
  • Suwasetha Preschool, Wariyapola
  • Sarvodaya Preschool, Borella

These preschool children regularly take part in various sports and aesthetic activities. They also participate in the Annual World Children’s Day celebrations organised by the Department of Probation & Child Care as well as in New year and Christmas Programmes organised by different organisations. They celebrate vesak & poson poya in grand style, attending dhamma sermons, lantern competitions, meditation programmes and organising “dansel”. The children are taken on picnics and educational trips, not only for leisure but also to stir up their intellectual curiosity.