Workshop on Myths & Wrong Beliefs of Food & Nutrition

Another step in the series of workshops aimed at capacitating the Suwasetha members in accordance with the new Strategic Plan. This month the matrons, caregivers and the other members of the Suwasetha family learnt about nutrition and cleared their minds of myths and wrong beliefs regarding food and nutrition.

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The resource person conducting the workshop Mr M.M.S Hettigedera, the Hon. Vice President and the Acting President of the Nutritionists’ Association shared his knowledge with the staff of Suwasetha educating them on the importance of nutrition and simple and effective ways of providing adequate nutrition on a daily basis.

Mr Hettigedera also stressed the value of home made food as against processed food to maintain good health of both children and adults. Talking of breakfast he pointed out that rice was a better breakfast food than the bakery products.

In a discussion based on the consumption of meat and fish he pointed out that including fish three times a week in the family diet was sufficient.

The knowledge gained was very valuable .Thank You sir, for sharing your knowledge with us and devoting your valuable time to brief us on nutrition and good health.