Rukmani’s new home

Rukmani Shanthi is a young mother who was brought up at the Norton Bridge Child Development Centre. She was very fortunate to have received a donation of RS. 50,000/= offered by Kook organization to build a house.  She used to live in a worn out rented house.

About two months ago this house came down due to the heavy rain. She received a 5 perch block of land from the government. She also received the support of the Government officers and many individuals to build the house. Her house consists of a sitting room, 2 bed rooms, temporary kitchen, and a toilet. She has spent Rs. 7, 80,000/= received as donations to complete this house with electricity.

On 31st October, 2016 she had the house warming ceremony. Divisional Secretary and other government officials along with the Sarvodaya staff members came together to celebrate and handed over the house key to Rukmani.  Building of this house was originated by the Kook organization and was able to gift a valuable house to Rukmani and her 3 young children. We wish to express our sincere thanks to Kook organization and Sarvodaya Netherlands office for the kindness shown to Rukmani a girl who was brought up at Sarvodaya Norton Bridge Child Development Centre.