Help comes to Suwasetha financially as well as by way of materials, equipment, services and guidance from many quarters, both locally and globally. Yet with the growing demand for our services, Suwasetha has to expand – and expand at a rapid pace. Projects are in hand to improve the conditions and facilities available at the various homes. (Click here for details of key projects) .We therefore need more friends who would help us with donations and sponsorships.

Sarvodaya Suwasetha is an approved charity under the Inland Revenue Act of Sri Lanka. Donations in Sri Lanka therefore qualify for tax exemption.

Donations may be through Sarvodaya USA-UK-Netherland located at:

Sarvodaya USA

122 State Street,
Suite 510
Madison, WI 53703

T/P – 608-442-5945,
Fax – 608-310-5865,
Email :

Legal Status/Tax Status – 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt,
non-profit organization USA’s
tax ID no. 13-3358148.

Contact Person/Designation: – Mr.Shisir Khanal (Managing Director)

United Kingdom

Sarvodaya UK, Bronllys, Brecon, Powys,
LD3 0LH,
United Kingdom.

T/P – 44 (0)1874 711382
Fax – 
Email : 
Web – 

Legal Status/Tax Status – Legal registration in progress

Contact Person/Designation: – Mr.John Rogers (Secretary)

The Netherlands

Sarvodaya Nederland
Treilerstraat 57
1503 JC Zaandam

tel: + 31 75 6700119
legal status: ANBI (registered charity)

contact person: – Marieke Ros (secretary)


Over the years Suwasetha has seen a rapid progress. It has diversified its activities and developed programmes in response to the needs of the people. Its services embrace all sections of the population with the accent on malnourished and abandoned children, sexually abused teenage girls, and mentally and physically impaired persons.

We work closely with the State institutions – the Child Protection Authority & the Department of Probation & Child Care – responsible for matters relating to childcare.

You can be a partner and help in saving the lives of these helpless little ones with just SL R 5000 (US $ 50) for month per child. The cost for a whole year is SL R 60000 (US $ 600).

Suwasetha is also conscious of its obligation to protect the privacy and personal safety of the child. Consequently any person wanting to sponsor a child would initially be required to submit information required to obtain clearance prior to having access to more specific information of the child. Thereafter a Sponsor ID and Password will be provided to enable you to access more information and proceed with your sponsorship.

If you would like to sponsor a child click here

Malnourished Babies

You can be a partner and help in saving the lives of these helpless little ones with just SL R 800 (US $ 8) or SL R 3,200 (US $ 32) a month per child. The cost for a whole year is SL R 38,400 (US $ 384).

Helping the Disabled

By donating SLR 900(US$ 9) a week or SLR 3,600 (US$ 36) a month or US$ 432 for a year, you could provide residential vocational skills training for the disable children.

If you would like to sponsor click here

Tsunami Affected

You could provide a scholarship grant of SLR 1,500(US$ 15) a week or SLR 18,000 (US$180) a year for a Tsunami affected school going child.

If you would like to sponsor click here here

Please e-mail us  at for details