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Sarvodaya Suwasetha Nutrition Center for Infants at Moratuwa has been providing medical care, clinical services and nutrition for acutely malnorished infants and children since its inception in 1976.  The abandoned, destitute and orphaned babies under 3 years of age are referred here by the Judiciary through the Department of Probation and Child Care Serivices. At a givn time, the Nutrition Center facilitates the proper development of around 25 children by providing

  • Balanced Nutritious diet
  • Medicine and Vitamins
  • Regular medical examinations
  • Clothing & play material
  • Health and Hygiene Care
  • Carrying out child stimulation activities

These babies are well cared for by an extremely committed staff headed by the house mother. The staff consists of trained nurses, assistant nurses and health care workers. Additionally, Government doctors, Volunteer doctors, Medical officers and Family health workers also render an appreciable service to the center. Local and Foreign Volunteers also extend their support in accomplishing the demanding needs that arise. In the midst of financial constraints that bring about many challenges on a day to day basis, the center has been running for nearly 4 decades, protecting and nurturing a part of the future of our world.

Below details are for kind donors who may wish to support the Nutrition Center.

Current General Needs

Meal Costs:

  • Breakfast – Rs. 3500
  • Lunch – Rs. 3500
  • Dinner – Rs. 3000

Monthly Utility Bill Costs:

  • Electricity – Rs. 10,000.00
  • Water – Rs. 300.00

Monthly Transportation Costs: Rs. 80,000.00

Contact Details:

  • Address: No. 55, De Soysa Road, Rawathawatta, Moratuwa
  • Telephone: +94 (0) 112647158