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Ma Sevana provides residential care and protection for teenage mothers who are victims of sexual abuse and have fallen pregnant as a result of rape or incest. Girls as young as 12 years reside in this home. Our main aim which we are eager to accomplish is giving these teenage mothers a family environment, proper education, recognition, required medical care and above all love and kindness, thus helping them to face the future with confidence. We have launched the following services to help these teenage mothers achieve mental, physical and spiritual development.

  • Proper nutrition to babies, pregnant and lactating mothers
  • A regular psycho-social programme conducted by a Consultant psychiatrist to improve the mental stability of the girls
  • Classes by trained teachers and volunteers to improve the educational standard of the teenage mothers
  • Vocational training in dressmaking, bakery trade, cookery, handicrafts & crochet and home gardening
  • Aesthetic activities such as music and dancing
  • Visits to maternity clinics for teenage mothers and their babies
  • Continuous monitoring by doctors and family health workers
  • Secure transportation back and forth to the courts for trials
  • Spiritual development through religious activities, dhamma sermons and meditation
  • Training in computer literacy
  • Opportunities to make bead jewellery and handmade greeting cards – These activities are a form of therapy which provides mental relaxation while it is expected to be a form of income generation as the finished products are sent for sale locally and internationally and the proceeds are deposited in their personal bank accounts.
  • 24/7 Security and Care
  • Encourage savings and good financial management

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At present, there are no long term donors funding towards the maintenance of Ma Sevana. Below information is for anyone who wishes to contribute towards the home.

Below details are for kind donors who may wish to support Ma Sevana.



Latest Needs

  • Television
  • Rick Cooker (3kg)
  • Pregnancy frocks
  • Bed jackets
  • Slippers (5,6,7)
  • Dry rations
  • CFL bulbs
  • 20 Mugs
  • 25 Plates

Recurrent Health & Hygienic Needs

  • Vitamin C 100mg
  • Iron tablets
  • Betadin
  • Plaster rolls
  • Sanitary Pads – looped
  • Sanitary Pads – glue

Meal Costs:

  • Breakfast: Rs. 125.00 * 25
  • Lunch: Rs. 200.00 * 25
  • Dinner: Rs. 175.00 * 25

Monthly cost for Milk Powder: Rs. 20,000 (Ratthi for mothers, Lactogen 1 for babies)

Monthly Utility Bill Costs:

  • Electricity – Rs. 10,000.00
  • Water – Rs. 8,000.00

Transportation Costs: Rs. 60,000.00 (Travelling to clinic and hospital – mostly to Kalubowila, Travelling to the courts for trials)

Staff Costs: Salaries for 4 matrons and 1 security guard

Contact Details:

  • Address: No.46, Uyana Road, Lunawa, Moratuwa
  • Telephone: +94 (0) 11 264 7761
  • Google Map: