Suwasetha home for the differently-abled females in  Thalpawila, Matara District was started on the 27th of October in 2004.

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Currently there are 8 women receiving residential care and protection in this home. Most of them are on wheel chairs. However, they attend to all their personal needs by themselves while assisting household work as well. They also add meaning to their lives by engaging themselves in handicrafts, sewing, crochet etc. The staff in this home consists of 2 members.

Activities conducted in this home include going on religious tours, observing sil, New year and Christmas celebrations, meditation programmes, dhamma sermons as well as many health clinics.

Sarvodaya Netherlands provides part of the funding for the maintenance of this Home. Cooperation received from the people of the area for the continued success of this project is commendable.

Below details are for kind donors who may wish to support any of our Thalpawila home for the disabled persons.

Current General Needs:

  • Beds
  • Steal Cupboard
  • Repairs of wheel chairs

Meal Costs:

  • Breakfast – Rs. 150.00 * 17
  • Lunch – Rs. 200.00 * 17
  • Dinner – Rs. 180.00 * 17

Monthly Utility Bill Costs:

  • Electricity – Rs. 2,700.00
  • Water – Rs. 3,000.00

Transportation Costs: Rs. 6,000.00

Contact Details:

  • Address: Thalpawila, Kekanadura, Matara
  • Telephone: 041-3401626
  • Google Map