Where is Suwasetha?

Suwasetha’s head office is located in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (just outside of Colombo).  However, Suwasetha has many centers and homes in villages throughout the country.

What is the relationship between Sarvodaya and Suwasetha? 

Suwasetha is one of the independent units under the parent-body Sarvodaya

Does Suwasetha or Sarvodaya have any religious or ethnic affiliation?

While Suwasetha and Sarvodaya are based in Buddhist and Gandhian principles, they are not affiliated with any particular religion or ethnicity.  Instead they are committed to engage and assist people of all faiths and backgrounds.

What does the name “Suwasetha” mean?

Suwasetha” is a blessing for good mental and physical health

How can I support Suwasetha?

You can support Suwasetha through a financial contribution, the donation of goods or services, child sponsorship or by becoming a Suwasetha volunteer.