This programme is conducted by Sarvodaya Suwasetha in the Districts of Galle and Kalutara. A newly opened Skills Development Centre is located at Balapitiya .

The CBR project which began in 1985 in Beruwela has now been extended to 13 provincial secretariats in Galle District, 14 provincial secretariats in Kalutara and 27 provincial secretariats in several other Grama Sewa (village level) divisions. CBR project is conducted through steering committees and village committees in the Grama Sewa Divisions. This programme is conducted together with the national CBR programme with the Funding of Sarvodaya backed by Netherlands and the Liliane Foundation.

Objectives of CBR

  • Home training: All training relating to the rehabilitation of the disabled persons that are carried out at their homes fall into this category. This training includes, mobility, carrying out day to day activities, communication, behavioural development, education and vocational training.
  • Referrals: Referring them to appropriate government and other organizations in order to assist them to obtain their human rights and give them strength to face their problems in society fall in to this category.
  • Integration: Engaging disabled persons into normal activities in the society and working on removing existing barriers such as attitudes and environment to ensure their integration takes place smoothly falls in to this category.


  • Social justice
  • Equal participation
  • Equal rights
  • Integration


Changing the surrounding environment and attitudes in society in a positive manner thereby improving the lives of the disabled.


Sarvodaya Netherland, Liliane Foundation